Kids Can Cook Inner Circle by Eric Horwitz

Kids Can Cook Inner Circle

How Would You Like To Transform The Health of Your Kids And Teach Them To Cook At Home While Being Taught By A Chef Teacher?

From The Desk Of

Chef Eric Horwitz
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Parents,

If you would like to cook healthy meals at home with your kids, empower them with culinary skills, start their journey to eat more vegetables, expand their palates and create memories in the kitchen that last a lifetime, then this will be the most important letter you'll ever read.

I've designed the Kids Can Cook Inner Circle just for you.

Are you tired of your kids  complaining about eating vegetables and not knowing how to cook?  If they head to the cupboard to eat salty, fatty snacks when they're hungry...know that there’s a better way to encourage them to make healthy choices.

We see it in our cooking class all the time, kids eating tomatoes that HATED tomatoes or thinking that broccoli tastes amazing when you combine it with a zesty yogurt-based dressing.

Would you like your child to actually ENJOY eating broccoli?  

Imagine if your child had confidence in the kitchen and could cook healthy meals with you in the kitchen a few times a week.  You get home from work and your son or daughter is READY and EXCITED to join a virtual cooking class with you  and make Pasta with spring vegetables which has asparagus, onions and bell peppers...and no cream!

If your child DOESN’T have a healthy diet…

...he or she can suffer with problems like
  • Low self-esteem and poor body image
  • Low energy, and can’t focus in school
  • Nutrient-deficiency that leads to health problems

Getting kids to eat vegetables typically involves bribing them with dessert, or threatening them with punishments.  Kids can be picky eaters, and it’s stressful to get them to eat healthy meals that their bodies need to grow and develop properly.

Research proves that teaching kids to cook improves their internal decision to eat healthy foods.  A study on 4th graders that were given culinary lessons showed that they actually preferred fruits and veggies more than those who had no health education!

But getting kids to cook health meals, particularly at home, can be DIFFICULT.

You might feel uncomfortable having your kids in the kitchen when there are flames from the stovetop, hot ovens, sharp knives, dangerous graters, sharp peelers and much, much more.

So how do you get kids to cook with you in a way that's safe?

These are your options, and I’m sure you’re tried them.

...You could watch a pre-recorded youtube video…but you can’t ask any questions or see what REALLY happens in between the cuts in the tutorial.

.. You could read a cookbook and try your best to make the experience kid-friendly…but most food authors do LOTS of small tweaks behind the scenes to make food taste good.  

(This is why a Gordon Ramsay recipe, that you make at home, doesn’t taste as good when he makes the same dish at a Michelin-star restaurant!  He has hundreds of subtle techniques that you can only understand if you were to really see him make the dish from start to finish)

What if there was a better way to teach kids to cook healthy meals at home so they can get the nutrients they need to thrive?

10 Years of Getting Kids To Cook

We're the experts at inspiring kids to ENJOY cooking and developing culinary fundamentasl

The key to transforming your child’s health is to Cook Healthy Meals during a LIVE cooking class taught by a professional Chef Teacher!

You can do this with LIFT Enrichment’s...


It’s an exclusive, members-only program for parents with young kids, typically ages 6-12, to experience a step-by-step virtual cooking class each week to transform their health and improve their culinary knowledge.

But you’re probably thinking, what is a virtual cooking class?  How does it work?

How A Virtual Cooking Class Brings Parents and Kids Together In The Kitchen

I never learned to cook growing up and it was FRUSTRATING.  I could make a bologna sandwich or boil water for ramen noodles, but that was it.  

It wasn’t until I got the chance to live abroad in Italy, during college, that I started to cook.  I developed my skills, learned from an Italian mom named Simonetta and something strange happened.

I started to LIKE to cook.  

   My friends came over and I’d make pasta with amazing sauces, salads with bright, flavorful dressings and they applauded my culinary skills!

I had always worked with kids at summer camps or enrichment programs; and this inspired me to create my company with the goal of teaching kids to cook HEALTHY foods in a way that’s easy and enjoyable.  

This is the cooking class I NEVER got to experience as a kid.   

In 2010, LIFT Enrichment, Inc was born and we taught live in-person cooking classes at 5 schools Monday-Friday in Los Angeles.  I taught each lesson and loved it, seeing kids try tomatoes, zucchini and cauliflower in new ways.

In time, I hired and trained Chef Teachers on my secret techniques to getting kids to cook.  

In 2020, we teach over 2,000 kids A WEEK how to cook taught by 50+ Chef Teachers at over 160 schools.  

The mission was ALWAYS to get kids to cook at home, but that was hard.

But then the pandemic happened, schools shut down and everything had to go virtual.  I was scared and worried, as I had to lay off staff and revenue got cut by 90+%.  But something happened that changed the way I would do business FOREVER.

We launched our first virtual cooking class, taught by our top Chef Teachers, and I thought kids would probably just watch the class.  Instead, the MAJORITY of kids were cooking with their parents during the lessons! 

I was BLOWN away to see moms, dads, son and daughters making healthy dishes such as:

  • Veggie Quesadillas with Mango Salsa
  • Guacamole, Pico de Gallo and Baked Tortilla Chips
  • Crunchy Ground Turkey Tacos
  • Breakfast Burritos with Zucchini, Eggs and Potatoes
  • Healthy Nachos with Black Beans and Homemade Queso

(It was a “Mexican Fiesta theme!)

Kids were mixing, seasoning and cooking alongside their parents and enjoying the food they made!  Plus we snuck veggies into each dish like tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini and more!  We got them to enjoy healthy proteins like ground turkey and black beans.

Everything was designed to be favorite versions of foods that kids loved.

The class sold out, and each lesson ended with education on Nutrition, Culture and Culinary Skills.   Parents LOVED that they were cooking in a group format led by a real Chef Teacher!  Kids could ask questions in the middle of the lesson and learn on the spot.

Now we’re taking those virtual lessons to the next level with an Exclusive, Members-Only club that I call the…

The Experience

Learn and Cook LIVE each week with our amazing Chef Teachers!

Here's What You Get with the Kids Can Cook Inner Circle

1. Instant Access to weekly LIVE Virtual Healthy Cooking Classes (Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons) so you can make dinner together! 

These are Members-Only Cooking Classes taught by our expert Chef Teacher.  Classes are Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the time below and it’s the same lesson each day, so if you miss one, just join the class on the other day.  They will also be recorded so you can review them anytime after.  

Tuesday class: 3:00pm-3:50pm
Wednesday class: 4:00pm-4:50pm

To experience a virtual cooking class:  You buy the ingredients (which you’ll use to feed your family dinner), print out the recipe, do 5-10 minutes of “parent prep” in advance (like grating cheese), login to the Zoom call, cook with your kids for 50 minutes and enjoy the meal!

Each lesson features simple, everyday foods that you probably already have like pasta, oats, rice, tortillas, etc. and a clear Step-By-Step process.  We’ll make sure you’re doing things correctly, and safely, from start to finish. 

These exclusive recipes are breakfast, lunches, dinner or healthy snacks that you can make quickly with not many ingredients.  Each class is 50 minutes, with the ending reserved for teaching kids about nutrition (Vitamins B, K, C, A and Fiber, Potassium, Calcium, Antioxidants)  Culture (the origins of Nachos, Orange Chicken, Chicken Parmesan, Caesar Salad, Hamburgers and more!) and Culinary Skills (saute, whisk, emulsify, chop, roast, pan-sear, Maillard effect, flip, measure, separate egg yolks, seasoning, using acid, umami effects, zesting and more)

We have a list of recipes for the next 3 months at the bottom of this page and they include healthy and veggie-packed versions of kid favorite foods like:  
  • Healthy Pizza with Quick Tomato Sauce and Brussel Sprouts Salad
  • Lean Hamburgers with Cabbage Slaw
  • Healthy Orange Chicken with Jasmine Rice & Veggies
  • Yogurt Parfait with Homemade Granola and Fruit and many, many more!  

You’ve got to feed your family each day, why not cook it with your child and alongside a Chef?

2.  Monthly Dessert Lesson!

Enjoy life!  While we’ve got weekly healthy classes, we include a monthly dessert class as a TREAT.  We’ve got great desserts that are kid-friendly including: Chocolate Lava Cake with Whipped cream, French Crepes with Nutella, Crispy Nutella-Filled Ravioli with Powdered Sugar, Easy Tiramisu and much much more!

3.  Exclusive Monthly “Gourmet” Lesson with Chef Eric Horwitz on how to make a 3-Course dinner with your kids at home!

One Friday per month, cook alongside with me, Chef Eric.  I’ve taught thousands of hours of cooking classes, have a youtube channel with 100,000s of views and have been featured on Huffington Post,, Whole Foods as a guest Chef and even the game show Lets Make A Deal.  Basically, I’m an expert at teaching cooking to kids...which is why I started LIFT Enrichment :)

This lesson is for YOU AND YOUR kids to create an incredible bonding moment as you cook a full-dinner in the comfort of your home!  Each lesson features an Appetizer, Entree and KCCIC Members can vote on the recipe!  It’s customized for my core audience.

Examples of Entrees include:  
  • Pan-Seared Steak with Baked Sweet Potato Fries and Creamed Spinach
  • Chicken Parmesan with Marinara Sauce and Spaghetti with an Italian Chopped Salad
  • Sushi Night with Easy Sushi Hand Rolls, Crispy Garlic Edamame & Miso Soup
  • Oven Roasted Salmon with Parmesan & Truffle Roasted Potatoes and Veggies
  • Pasta Night with Homemade Noodles, Fresh Pesto Sauce ad Pan-Seared Asparagus 

Each LIVE lesson is 90 minutes one Friday per month.  Cook alongside SAFELY with me and learn knife skills, how to season correctly and how to plate and serve your final dish like a pro!

4.  New “Kids Can Cook” Monthly Newsletter

This is a monthly newsletter with recipes and cooking tactics I’m exclusively sharing with KCCIC members.  Topics include grocery budget tips, meal prep hacks AND healthy recipes straight from my kitchen.  

5.  How To Members-Only Videos and Tutorials to Cook SAFELY with kids

I’ll release new, pre-recorded content geared to answer common questions like
  • How do I setup my home kitchen for safely cooking with kids?
  • How do I keep my kitchen tools in peak condition to maintain performance and safety?
  • How do I grocery shop WITH my kids so they actually enjoy and look forward to it?
  • How do I meal prep when I’m a busy parent with limited free time?

6.  Quarterly FREE gifts sent to you (aprons, mugs, cooking supplies)

Get some swag!  We’ll send out, by mail, supplies to elevate the cooking experience at home including custom-made kid aprons, adult aprons, limited-edition mugs, cooking supplies and more!  

7.  Cheat Sheets

You will get summarized one-page sheets on core basics of having a healthy life that cover topics such as: meal prep 101, grocery shopping lists for nutritious foods, kitchen setup at home and more!  These will help remind you of all the key basics throughout your journey as you cook with your kids and transform their health.

8.  Access to Personal Coaching with Chef Eric 

I only provide coaching to parents within the KCCIC program.  I’m super busy running LIFT Enrichment (my day is packed and starts at 6:30am Mon-Sat most weeks) and I want to prioritize my limited time for members.  I can help troubleshoot any issue you’re having, such as not eating a variety of foods, picky eaters, overweight students, underweight kids and much more.  

9.  Discount On Other LIFT Enrichment Programs

As long as you’re a KCCIC member, you will get discounts on LIFT Enrichment products and services including

  • 25% off virtual courses and camps
  • 15% off of in-person after-school classes and camps

10.  Bonus - Videos on Key Topics: 

You also get Bonus videos from the Kids Can Cook Master Class, (1 hour of content) on:
  • How To TransForm a Picky Eater
  • 5 Tips for Overweight Kids
  • Key Techniques To Help Underweight/ Skinny Kids
  • How to Get Kids To Cook Independently

Get Cooking!

It's never been easier to cook with your kids than with a LIVE virtual cooking class! 

How Much It Costs

Let’s recap everything you get, so you can the value packed into the KCCIC membership program.

  • Instant Access to weekly LIVE Virtual Cooking Classes, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons (3:00pm-3:50pm) so you can make dinner together!  Value: $127
  • Monthly Dessert Lesson!  Value: $27
  • Exclusive Monthly Lesson with Chef Eric Horwitz on how to make a 3-Course dinner with your kids at home!  Value:  $97
  • New “Kids Can Cook” Monthly Newsletter.  Value:  $47
  • How To Members-Only Videos and Tutorials to Cook SAFELY with kids. Value: $47
  • Quarterly FREE gifts sent to you (aprons, mugs, cooking supplies). Value $97
  •  Cheat Sheets. Value:  $47
  • Bonus - Videos for Videos on Key Topics.  Value $47

  • Access to Personal Coaching with Chef Eric
  • Discount On Other LIFT Enrichment Programs

Total Value:  Over $500 of monthly content

But I’m not charging you that, instead it’s just

$97 per month…

...But if you join NOW it'll be just...

...$77 per month with the 20% discount that ends midnight on Friday, May 29, 2020!

(the monthly lesson alone with me is worth that!)
JOIN The Kids Can Cook Inner Circle

Time Is Of The Essence

Simply click the buy button below to join the Kids Can Cook Inner Circle

I look forward to seeing all you parents in our virtual cooking classes, those taught by our Chef Teachers and our monthly cooking along!  
Join The Kids Can Cook Inner Circle

What Parents Are Saying About Our Cooking Classes For Kids

Just had our first virtual cooking class with my 9yr old daughter and had a blast. Recipe was easy to follow, chef Jennifer was friendly and knowledgeable and most importantly, the food was delicious!! Looking forward to our next class
Our 3rd Grade son started taking the cooking class and loved the experience!   The menu items and recipes were age appropriate.   It was a ton of fun!  I would highly recommend this class to other parents and we look forward to having our son continue his cooking education next year! 
My 8 years old son has always been curious about cooking and when Lift Enrichment offered an after school class at our school, we did not hesitate to sign him up!   He has become more confident when using kitchen tools (and I’m less nervous about it), he pays more attention when we are at the grocery store, he talks about what is healthy and what is not, what will taste good together or that we may be able to pair up together for a new recipe.  The cooking classes has definitely expanded his palate even more!  

The Best Guarantee Out There

We offer a 30-day MONEY BACK guarantee for the first 30 days of experiencing the KCCIC program.  That means you can take every lesson for a full 30 days and if on day 29 you’re a tiny bit dissatisfied, we’ll give you a full questions asked.

Adn this month-to-month program has NO contracts.  You can start or stop the program whenever you want.  (I personally can’t stand yearly contracts and have been burned too many times…)

Limited Availability To ONLY 50 Families!

I’m limiting this to the first 50 families that understand the value of the program and want to transform the health of their kid.  I’m cutting it off after that because I want to give this group my focus and attention.  I want to see their kids eat more vegetables, try new foods and create memories cooking live with our chefs each week. 

Deadline For The 20% Discount

Lastly, I’m offering an EXCLUSIVE discount, 20% off the monthly price FOREVER for the Memorial Day weekend.  This ends Friday night, midnight May 29, 2020.  

This exclusive price is just $77 per month!

That’s literally $15 per lesson ($77 divided by 4.33 weeks per month) and everything else is FREE, including the 90 minute gourmet cooking lesson I teach monthly!

Again, I’m also closing the door when we hit our 50 families.  

As Seen On

Huffington Post,, Whole Foods Youtube (350k views) and Let's Make A Deal


What Are You Cooking Each Week?

6/1/20 | Healthy Veggie Fried Rice | Lunch/Dinner
6/8/20 | Broccoli Slaw with Grilled Cheese | Lunch/Dinner
6/15/20 | Healthy Pizza with Easy Tomato Sauce & Cucumber Salad | Lunch/Dinner
6/22/20 | Yogurt Parfait with Homemade Granola and Fresh Fruit | Breakfast
6/29/20 | Lean Hamburgers with Cabbage Slaw | Lunch/Dinner
7/6/20 | Pan-Seared Steak with Baked French Fries | Lunch/Dinner
7/13/20 | Chicken Nuggets with Green Salad | Lunch/Dinner
7/20/20 | Veggie Mac & Cheese | Lunch/Dinner
7/27/20 | Cobb Salad with Zesty Vinagrette and Baked Croutons | Lunch/Dinner
8/3/20 | Crispy Eggplant Milanese with Caprese Salad | Lunch/Dinner
8/10/20 | Healthy Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo with Sauteed Asapargus | Lunch/Dinner
8/17/20 | Italian Frittata with Chopped Salad | Breakfast
8/24/20 | Zucchini Noodles with Lemon & Parmesan & Fresh Pesto | Lunch/Dinner

June 2020 Dessert:  Chocolate Lava Cake with Whipped Cream
June Gourmet Meal with Chef Eric 

Appetizer: Crudites Veggies with Avocado Dip
Entree:  Pan-Seared Steak with Baked Sweet Potato Fries
Dessert: Chocolate Mousse with Freshly Whipped Cream

Who is this for?

The KCCIC program is specifically designed for parents (moms and dads) with young kids ages 6-12 that are not eating vegetables, don’t know how to cook and/or are picky eaters.  Kids can be a bit older, or younger, if parents are cooking every step of the way.  I personally think it works well with pre-teens as well, who can be more independent in the kitchen.

If your kids don’t eat vegetables, complain about trying new foods, and you want to empower them for life with culinary knowledge, this program is for you.

What exactly are you going to teach me/ help me to do?

This program will show you how to do these thing

  1. How to cook a healthy meal EACH week (My goal is for every family to cook at least 5 meals together
  2. Make a gourmet meal with your kids, one Friday a month
  3. How to teach your kids basic culinary fundamentals
  4. How to make a delicious dessert that’s kid-friendly
  5. How to get your kids to EAT MORE VEGETABLES in new way
  6. How to setup your kitchen for safety and FUN
and much, much more!

Can I cancel the program whenever I want?

Yep, whenever you want.  There’s a simple process to email our staff and we’ll cancel immediately.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, For this monthly program you can cancel whenever you want.  We also offer a full refund within your first 30 days.  If you pay annually, and you cancel before the year is up, you’ll receive back the unused portion minus the months you’ve already used on a non-discounted per-month price basics.

If I don’t have time for every lesson, will I miss out?

No!  Each lesson will be recorded.  We’ve also got tons of recorded content as well.  EAch lesson will be recorded and I’ll make new videos to help you out.  

Can you cook with kids?

Yes, and it's an experience you both will remember for life!  

Nutritious Meals For Kids

Our recipes feature easy-to-find ingredients and are LOADED with vitamins and minerals kids need.  

Click On The Link Below To Join

We’ll see you in our next virtual cooking class!

Get Cooking,
Chef Eric Horwitz

P.S.  If you really want to transform your child’s health, cook amazing and healthy meals together each week with a virtual cooking class, join before we hit our limit of 50 families!  The deadline is coming up on the discount as well, and then it’ll be gone.

P.S.S.  Maybe this product isn’t for you if you want to keep up the current diet of your family.  If your kids know how to cook and you’re satisfied with all the foods your child eats, don’t jump on this offer.   But if you want to see a real change and develop your child’s culinary skills for life, register today and join the Kids Can Cook Inner Circle. 
JOIN The Kids Can Cook Inner Circle

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