Kids Can Cook At Home MasterClass by Eric Horwitz


Even if your kids hate eating vegetables and you have no culinary experience.

Kids Can Cook At Home MasterClass

A 6-week done-for-you system to transform the health of your kids, bond with them in the kitchen and make delicious, homemade meals.

First, meet Owen, a picky eater

In my first cooking class ever, I taught a young boy named Owen.

Owen rarely ate fresh produce and his mom was hoping a cooking class would get him to change his ways.

As the after-school class started, a group of kids gathered around my "mobile" cooking station.  It's a great setup that I can use to teach a culinary lesson anywhere, as long as I have access to a sink, electricity for a hot plate and tables and chairs for the kids.  All 60+ of my chef teachers have the same setup and we can make hundreds of recipes in less than an hour.

The dish that day was Tomato-Basil Bruschetta.  I looked around me and was surrounded by 14 kids that were happily chopping tomatoes Into small, bite-size pieces.  The key, I learned, was to get kids INVOLVED with the cooking process, and then they're more likely to eat tomatoes.  Owen had never liked tomatoes, and I was curious to see how he would respond to the day's lesson.

After the kids chopped tomatoes, I taught them about "mise-en-plas" which is a French term for "putting everything in place" so their cooking stations were clean and organized.  Chopped tomatoes went into one bowl, while another was for ripping up the basil. 

Next, we dressed the tomatoes and basil with Extra-virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar and salt and pepper to taste.  I had the "chef of the day" come over to help taste the tomato salad and adjusting the seasoning as needed.

Next I turned on the electric hot plate, added a bit of olive oil and lightly toasted slices of baguette on one side.  When they came out I Instructed Owen, and the rest of the group, to flavor each baugette slice by rubbing It with raw garlic, because this technique gives the bruschetta a hint of garlic, which compliments the tender tomato-basil salad.

I saw Owen rub garlic on his toasted bread, excited to see what would happen.  He spooned a bit of the tomato-basil salad on top and I urged him to take one bite, just to try it.  He bit into it and I could hear the crunch of the bruschetta and his eyes lit up.

"I don't like tomatoes, but I LIKE this!"  he said with obvious enthusiasm. 

After the class, he told his mom and shared the bruschetta with her.  She told me later that he had HATED tomatoes for 7 years.  I told her the secret was to flavor the tomatoes with the vinaigrette and serving It on top of the bruschetta.

See, most kids think of tomatoes as a bland vegetable stuck inside their sandwich or burger, or plopped on a salad.  However, once you give kids the chance to touch the raw ingredients, chop and season them, dress vegetables with a flavorful vinaigrette and finally put it all together, they discover the MAGIC of how great vegetables can taste!

Besides eating tomatoes, Owen also learned about the nutrients in tomatoes, such as how they are low-calorie (because they're mostly water) have Vitamin C, (for your immune system) Vitamin K (which helps your blood), potassium (for your bones), and folate (which helps your cells function well).

How Owen's experience can transform the health of YOUR kids

For the rest of the 8-week session, Owen tried zucchini, romaine lettuce, bell peppers and other veggies he rarely ate at home.  In just a few lessons he had discovered how fresh produce can taste amazing!

This type of experience I've seen occur with tens of thousands of the students who have experienced our cooking class.

It's also something I have mastered and refined over 10 years so YOUR kids can have similar food epiphanies, but without having to travel to one of my cooking classes.

Instead, it can all happen In the comfort of your home.  Tune In at the end to see what happened to Owen after he took my cooking class.

Cooking with Kids made EASY

Owen's change in lifestyle and eating habits has happened to THOUSANDS of kids in my program.

But, I get it, you're a BUSY parent.  
  • Life moves fast.
  • Maybe you're a working parent juggling a full-time workload and your duties at home.
  • Maybe you're an over-scheduled stay-at-home parent with too much on your plate.
  • The weekly to-do list of running a home limits your time with your family and making healthy meals.
  • It's hard to manage  grocery shopping, play dates,  house chores and managing your family's every-evolving schedule.

You KNOW that it's incredibly important to have your kids eat healthy foods but perhaps:

  • You don't have time to grocery shop
  • You don't have time to cook good meals
  • You don't know HOW to make healthy meals
  • You're not the best cook and are embarrassed to admit It
  • You're tired of BRIBING your kids to eat vegetables 
  • You eat out at fast-food places too much and feel guilty for not getting your kids the proper nutrients they need.

Who This Program Is NOT For

  • If you don’t believe in investing in yourself and your family
  • If you’re not fully committed to taking the necessary steps to change your family’s health.
  • If you buy your kids fast-food and are unwilling to change their eating habits.

Who This Program Is For

  • Serious parents who want the fastest path to get their kids to eat more vegetables and learn culinary skills that will last a lifetime
  • Parents who are coachable, and are excited to bond with their kids while setting them up for success, even if they have very little experience cooking.  
  • You want a healthy family and kids who are READY to be independent and equipped for life

Healthy Orange Chicken with Veggie Stir Fry and Brown Rice

Get kids to eat DELICIOUS and nutritious version of their favorite foods

The dangers of NOT cooking with your kids

  • You'll miss out on valuable memories cooking and bonding In the kitchen
  • Your kids will EAT out a lot when they're older, often at restaurants and fast-casual places where food Is loaded with extra salt, fat and "hidden calories"
  • Your kids might become overweight, too skinny or continue to have picky-eater issues into adulthood.  
  • You'll spend thousands of dollars on Dietitians and Nutrition coaches that won't fix their eating habits or ability to cook for themselves. 

If you want your kids to build a lifelong habit of eating well...

You can transform your child's health by COOKING WITH THEM in the kitchen and the Kids Can Cook Master Class is a done-for-you system to make the process easy, safe and fun in just 6 weeks.

Here’s what you get with the Kids Can Cook Master Class

  • A 6 Week Done-For-You Program to grow your child’s culinary knowledge while BONDING in the kitchen.  
  • A proven path to change the health of your family with easy-to-follow video recipes.
  • The No. 1 Grocery shopping tip to get kids INVESTED In eating more vegetables
  • Cookbook with all OF the recipes
  • Guidance.  Support.   Accountability with Chef Eric!
  • Over 8 hours of video content Including...
  • 11 Modules of video lessons that cover:
    • Key Culinary Equipment, which goes into detail on the tools you need (including the $40 purchase that can change the way you cook
    • Kitchen Setup, where I share  10+ years of classroom experience boiled down into an easy to digest setup that transforms your kitchen so you can connect with your child while cooking.
    • Culinary Skills 101, which dives into Key culinary vocab, knife skills for kids and parents, as well as when to use the stove top, hot plate, oven or microwave
    • Safety 101, which explores safe food storage, transportation, cooking to doneness, how to reheat safely and more
    • Health Education 101, so your kids don't get lost in what they “hear about” when it comes to nutrition.  We go into Good vs Bad Carbs, Organic vs Regular (and what they won’t tell you in the news) and the Truth about Gluten (hint: it’s not bad!)
  • 1 on 1 email coaching with me, to keep you on track and accountable
  • Bonuses!  (See below) that go over the Art of Meal Prep, Overweight Kids, Picky Eaters, and much more
  • Ongoing support and accountability in our private facebook group
  • 24 professionally-shot video tutorials of EVERY recipe In my kitchen with a young student by my side to show you EXACTLY how to make cooking with your kids a success.

TOTAL VALUE:  $6,000

Clients pay me $4,200 for a 3-hour training session for their staff that features a fraction of my curriculum.   

A class taught by me goes for $500 for one lesson!

But I'm not going to charge you that...because you also get...


BONUS #1:  Kids Can Cook Cookbook (Value: $27)
Every recipe geared to get your kids to eat more vegetables and healthy, homemade meals!  
BONUS #2:  How To Transform Picky Eaters (Value: $27)
Designed for “Picky Eaters” who won’t touch anything green.
BONUS #3:  Overweight Kids Tips(Value: $27)
If your kid is overweight, this lesson will give you 10 tips to improve fat loss through cooking.  Plus we’ll explore the 5 activities that you should NEVER do with your kids.  Plus top calorie-saving recipes that are healthy, filling and full of vegetables.
BONUS #4:  Underweight Kids (Value: $27)
If you want to help your kids that are too lean or skinny, here are science-proven ways to get them to consume more food that’s good for them.
BONUS #5:  How To Get Kids To Cook On Their Own ($27)
Want your kids to make a snack for themselves, or pack their own lunch?  We got your covered.
BONUS #5:  Private Facebook Group (Value: $37)
This is a Kids Can Cook Master Class community I will supervise and add discussions to help you.  Plus I’ll release content and answer questions routinely.  
BONUS #6:  1 on 1 Email Coaching (Value: $1800)
You can’t do this on your own, so I’m opening up special office hours (clients pay $150/hr for my time) that lasts for an entire year!  Think how 15 minutes once a week with me for 52 weeks could transform your child’s health 



At about $8,000 in valuable content, I could charge $4,00

But I won't.

It’s not $2,000

Or $1,000

Think about this:
  • How much does a 4-week cooking class in West LA cost you at a “cooking school?  $500 to make ONE RECIPES each class, for 4 weeks.
  • How much does a nutritionist cost for multiple session?  Probably $1,000-$2,000 and your kids still won’t know how to cook!
  • How much does a cooking course at a community college cost?  $600+ and you won't have a clear system to help your kids.

I want you to get the Kids Can Cook Master Class TODAY and I’m only going to charge


Plus you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

You have nothing to lose, and even just a FRACTION of my content could help your child find a new passion for healthy eating.

Isn’t that worth it?

Note this class closes enrollment Friday Dec 20.  

Greek Yogurt Parfait with Homemade Granola

What You Get


Module 1: Introduction
8 mins
Module 2: Equipment Checklist
11 mins
Module 3: Kitchen Setup
5 mins
Culinary 101 and Health Education
Module 4: Culinary Skills Part 1
9 mins
Module 5: Culinary Skills Part 2
8 mins
Module 6: Safety 101
14 mins
Module 7: Health Education 101
15 mins
Lifestyle Hacks for the Modern Family
Module 8: The Art of Meal Prep
10 mins
Module 9: Budgeting To Save $$$
7 mins
Module 10: Grocery Shopping Hacks
8 mins
Module 11: Bringing the FUN to the culinary classroom
7 mins
Weekly Recipe Guide & Cookbook
Week 1 - Chef Favorites (Healthy Chicken Caesar, Overnight Oats, Croutons)
Easy & Quick Overnight Oats
5 mins
Homemade Popcorn
4 mins
"Chicken Caesar Salad with Homemade Croutons and our Signature Lemon-Parmesan Dressing "
9 mins
Week 2 - Greens Galore (Spinach Smoothie, Broccoli Slaw, Grilled Cheese with Turkey Bacon, Protein Snack Pack)
Green Spinach Smoothie
3 mins
"Starbucks" - Protein Snack Pack
3 mins
Whole Wheat Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Turkey Bacon and Broccoli Slaw
7 mins
Week 3 - American Favorites (Kid-Favorite Cobb Salad, Pan-Seared Salmon, Hummus with Veggies, Yogurt Parfait)
Yogurt Parfait with Fruit & Homemade Granola
3 mins
Hummus with Roasted Pita Chips and Vegetables
4 mins
Pan-Seared Salmon, Kid-Favorite Cobb Salad and Garlic Bread
6 mins
Week 4 - Asian Feast (Healthy Orange Chicken, Tasty Brown Rice, Sweet Potato Muffin)
McDonalds-Style Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwich
5 mins
Healthy Sweet Potato Muffin (Gluten-free)
3 mins
Healthy Orange Chicken with Brown Rice and Veggie Stirfry
9 mins
Week 5- Mangia Italiano (Healthy Pasta, Classic Meatballs, Bruschetta, Quinoa and more!)
Quinoa Cereal with Blueberries and Nuts
3 mins
Bruschetta - Tomato & Basil
5 mins
Healthy Fettuccine Alfredo with Sautéed Asparagus and Classic Italian Meatballs
9 mins
Week 6- Dinner Party (Seared Steak, Sauteed Kale, Roasted Potato, Pancakes and Energy Balls
Gluten-Free Chocolate Banana Pancakes
5 mins
Chocolate and Dates Energy Balls
2 mins
Pan-Seared Steak with Sauteed Kale and Roasted Potato
10 mins
Bonus 1: The Art of Reheating
10 mins
Bonus 2: How To Transform A Picky Eater
5 mins
Bonus 3: Overweight Kids
6 mins
Bonus 4: Skinny / Underweight Kids
4 mins
Bonus 5: How To Get Kids To Cook Independently
4 mins
Kids Can Cook Master Class Cookbook
1.11 MB
Spring 2020 Cookbook - Virtual After-School Class
1 on 1 Healthy Family Coaching

Complete Meals, That You Can Prep Ahead

Meal prep made easy and with your KIDS involved so you can save time (and stress) during the work week.  

Recipes in this course include:

  • Healthy (and delicious) Orange Chicken (or Tofu) with Brown rice and a Veggie Stirfry that will could put Panda Express out of business
  • Sweet Potato Muffins, that are only 4 main ingredients and gluten-free
  • Chicken Caesar Salad with Homemade Croutons and our Signature Lemon-Parmesan Dressing (that kids love!)
  • Yogurt Parfait with Fruit and Homemade Granola
  • Easy Overnight Oats
  • “McDonalds”-style Breakfast Egg, Cheese & Sausage Sandwich
  • Hummus with Veggies & Toasted Pita Chips
  • Protein Snack Pack, that’s WAY fresher than the one at Starbucks
  • Homemade Popcorn
  • Green Spinach Smoothie
  • Pan-Seared Steak with Sauteed Kale and Roasted Potato, a steakhouse feast made by your kids!
  • Tasty Bruschetta three ways (Tomato-Basil and more!)
  • Healthy Fettuccine Alfredo with Sauteed Asparagus and Classic Italian Meatballs (Italian, never tasted so good...and so fresh!)
  • Quinoa Cereal with Blueberries and Almonds
  • Seared Salmon, Kid-Favorite Cobb Salad with an incredible dressing and Garlic Bread
  • Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes
  • Chocolate & Date Energy Balls
  • Whole Wheat Grilled Cheese with Turkey Bacon and a Broccoli Slaw (that is a HUGE hit in our classes)

Must-Try Recipes!

English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich, Overnight Oats, Protein Snack Packs, Sweet Potato Muffins and more!

Meet Your Chef Teahcer

Chef Eric Horwitz is the expert in teaching kids to cook.  As the owner of LIFT Enrichment Inc, his cooking programs have been taught to over 23,000 students since 2010.

  • He founded LIFT Enrichment in 2010 with a mission to empower kids with culinary fundamentals and a healthy diet.  
  • His classes teach over 1,500 young kids PER WEEK, across 4 counties in California.
  • To date, he has trained HUNDREDS of Chef Teachers on how to make cooking with kids easy, safe and fun.  LIFT Enrichment partners with the over 120 schools, parks & rec centers and districts with classes that teach cooking, nutrition, culture and much more.

He NEVER learned to cook until he was in his early 20s when he studied abroad in Italy and found a passion for cooking thanks to two things:  1)  Staying with a real Italian family whose matriarch “Simonetta” loved to make fresh, healthy meals and 2)  Jamie Oliver’s book “Italy” which featured, easy and doable recipes that inspired a new love of cooking.

He started a corporate job out of college, hated It and decided to work In education.  Since high school, he had worked In summer camps and after-school programs to help kids, and loved It.   He worked with some of the top elementary schools in West LA before being hired to direct an after-school program in Pacific Palisades.  However, working for someone else wasn’t a good fit, so he launched his company to teach after-school classes for kids in 2010 and grew it from 5 classes a week to 161 classes a week!

Here's what parents are saying

“(My son) had a great time and was very proud of the food they made and fun facts he learned. It was all delicious.
Lori, parent
Your classes changed our girl’s life. She cooks more at home. We love all your cooking and recipes. Thank you. We will sign up for every single class you have.”  

Joanne, parent
Thank you for the love and care that you are putting into your cooking.  Niki absolutely loves your class and always looks forward to cooking on Tuesdays.” 
Navid, parent
“My son Otto enjoyed your class very much and loved every dish. He even enjoyed the food prep and cooking process. Thanks!” 
Jessie, mother

"McDonalds"-style breakfast sandwich, but fresh and homemade

Don't let your kids eat unhealthy fast food!  Learn amazing alternatives that THEY COOK WITH YOU

Picky Eaters?

If you COOK with your kids they will actually EAT the foods they make, even if it's a bite to start

What Schools Are Saying About My Program

“Every session we have offered cooking through LIFT Enrichment, we have reached maximum enrollment.  The kids really enjoy the recipes and working with the chef instructors.  It has been a great partnership!”
Whitney Stange, After School Enrichment Coordinator, Laurence School
“We've had the Cooking class as a part of our enrichment program at Seven Arrows for several years and it's always a hit with our families. Students enjoy working with their hands and tasting the results of their work; everyone, parents and students, get a delicious, healthy snack!
Sonja Carlson, After-school Coordinator, Seven Arrows Elementary School
The kids at Children’s Community School enjoyed the cooking class and looked forward to it each week. They liked the process of making the food and loved eating it afterwards.”
George Nersisyan, After-School Enrichment Director, Children’s Community School
“Everything was great.  We look forward to working with your Cooking class each year!”
- Layne Pflierger, After-School Director, John Th

Layne Pflierger, After-School Director, John Thomas Dye School

Kid-Favorite Recipes!

Tested by thousands of kids, and will get your kids to eat tomatoes, broccoli and more!


Will my child cook tons of healthy homemade meals on their own for me after I go through this course?

No one can guarantee that, but it is DEFINITELY possible.  It depends on the skill and age of your kid, but I have clients who have kids making bruschetta snacks for dinner parties on their own after going through these these lessons.  Get through the course and kids will be chopping with you and eventually making their own meals.

What’s your refund policy?

30-day Money Back Guarantee.  What have you got to loss?

Why shouldn’t I just buy a book or watch some free Youtube videos?

You could, but how many people have learned to cook from a book?  Cooking requires SEEING how it’s done, because most recipes leave out the real secrets that Chefs use.
Sure, you could watch videos, but good luck trying to use those  videos to transform your kids.  Videos are great, but without a detailed action plan and a proven system, you’ll waste a lot of time trying to make it work at home.  
Here, I’ve done everything for you!

My Kids hates (insert vegetable), how will this help?

We've got MANY tips that will get your kids to enjoy vegetables.  I can't give them away here, but this course Is FULL of practical tips that have worked with my students.  

What do I actually get?

You get 12+ hours of video made of (12 modules, 24 video recipes) for YOU and your kids to cook together, bond together and lead a new life filled with healthy, homemade foods.  I’ve also added bonus content, a facebook group, email coaching, cookbook, meal prep guide and sooo much more.  The real value is that this is a done-for-you system with coaching to get you to the finish line, answer all of your questions and create memories in the kitchen with your kids that they will remember for life.

What are the differences between the “modules” and the “video recipes?”

The modules are screen-share videos designed to teach you EVERYTHING I’ve learned about cooking classes with kids, including the right tools to you use, how to create a safe environment at home and so much more.
The video recipes are professionally-shot videos of me teaching a kid every single recipe in the cookbook.

Is the price worth it?

Big yes, because look at your options:
Overpriced culinary classes in-person at local culinary schools (thousands of dollars)
Expensive dietitians, psychologists or nutritionists that charge hundreds of dollars an hour that won't teach your kids the lifeskill of knowing how to cook.

This sounds pretty good, how do I get started?

1) . Click the button below 2)  You’ll be taken to my secure checkout page to get you started.  3)  Once the course opens on December 12, you’re good to go!  

Join the Kids Can Cook Master Class Today!

Owen went on to take my cooking class at his school for 8 consecutive sessions!  I watched Owen develop trust  In me, as his Chef Teacher. 

If we made a dish like a Caesar Salad or Pasta with Asparagus that he wouldn't normally eat he'd say, "Chef Eric, I'll give it a try, because I made it."

I earned a reputation as a teacher who could get him to cook, season and eventually taste any healthy dish we made.

I want to bring that some passion for inspiring kids to eat well in YOUR kitchen.  I'll see you Inside and let's get cooking!

Chef Eric Horwitz
YES, I want to transform my child's health!